Festival Internacional de Titelles de Gavà


Companies from all over the world present their shows at the International Puppet Festival of Gavà. The first edition of the festival was in 1990 and it is, therefore, a fully consolidated event. With a constant growth path, the International Puppet Festival of Gavà is one of the most awaited events for all citizens, not only for the youngest.

The event, which is organized by Gavà Town Council and the Xarxa d'Espectacles Foundation, is a festival fully rooted in the city and a point of reference in the international circuit of this type of show. Twenty companies from all over Catalonia, from Spain and from around the world come together at this event, which is celebrated during the first fortnight of May.

Representations from different venues, together with exhibitions, workshops and an artisan market, entrust the magical and festive atmosphere of the puppets to a large audience of all ages.

Date: Second weekend of May.

Frequency: Annual.

Further information:
Gavà Town Council
Xarxa d'Espectacles Foundation

Correu electrònic
93 263 91 00

Plaça de Dolors Clua, 13
08850 Gavà Barcelona